Charles Law Practice


Charles’ Law Practice

1)        The temperature inside Raja’s refrigerator is about 40 Celsius.  If he places a balloon in his fridge that initially has a temperature of 220 C and a volume of 0.5 liters, what will be the volume of the balloon when it is fully cooled by his refrigerator?

2)        One day last summer, Elisa was in a curious mood and so she decided to heat a balloon gently and carefully (with her safety googles on, and with adult supervision!) in the oven.  If the balloon initially had a volume of 0.4 liters and a temperature of 20 0C, what was the volume of the balloon after she heated it to a temperature of 250 0C?

3)        On a hot day last July, Gina noticed that potato chip bags seem to “inflate”, even though they have not been opened.  If she has a 250 mL bag of Backyard BBQ chips at a temperature of 190 C, and she leaves it in her car (which has a temperature of 600 C), what will the new volume of the bag be?

4)        A soda bottle is flexible enough that the volume of the bottle can change even without opening it.  If Nicholas has an empty soda bottle (volume of 2 L) at room temperature (25 0C), what will the new volume be if he puts it in his freezer (-4 0C)?

5)        Some students believe that teachers are full of hot air.  If I inhale 2 liters of gas at a temperature of 100 C and hold it there until it heats to a temperature of 300 C in my lungs, what is the new volume of the gas ?

6)        Derek has an RLB  (really large balloon). Assume that the initial temperature of the balloon is 25 0C.     If he inflates it with 20L of air, then begins to heat it slowly, At what temperature will the volume of air inside the balloon be exactly double?

7)        In her spare time, Rebekah made a thermometer that measures temperature by the compressing and expanding of gas in a piston.  She measured that at 1000 C the volume of the piston is 20 L.  What is the temperature outside if the piston has a volume of 15 L?  What would be appropriate clothing for the weather?

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