7 Life Science

Welcome to your page for 7th grade science information at St. Paul’s Academy! This year is all about life. We will look at cells through microscopes, learn about how they grow and divide and go hands on with the blueprints of life, DNA! We will study classic inheritance patterns ala Gregor Mendel and research genetic diseases. We will examine evolution and practice classifying organisms according to Linnaeus’s hierarchy. We will journey through each of the Kingdoms of life and wear our safety goggles on the way!

Music of Nature Channel on Youtube by Lang Elliot

Backyard Bird Quiz : Put your new skills to the test!

Sibley Guides – more interesting quizzes to build your knowledge!

US Endangered Species

Photo by N.R.B.

Check out Phylo.  It’s a game that teaches about DNA and Multiple Sequence Alignments!


6/7: Complete Endangered Species Essays and review semester 2 material for final

6/4: No quiz on plants, material will be included on final

5/31-6/1:Final Current Events Journals Due next class

5/29-30:Work on Endangered Species Reports

5/21: No Homework

5/17-18: Work on Endangered Species Reports

5/15-16: Read pages 314-320 and do Chapter review questions 1-10, 16 and 22-25 on pages 324 and 325

5/11-14: Read pages 308-313 and do review questions # 2-6 on page 313

5/9-10:  Read pages 300-307 and do review questions #3,4, and 9 on page 303 and #’s 2 and 3 on page 307

4/23-24:  Three birds:  Yellow-rumped warbler, Anna’s hummingbird, Ruby-crowned kinglet. Also, Current Events Journals due on  Thursday and Friday.

4/19-20: Chapter 11 review questions 6-12, 16, 19 and 23 on pages 292-293, learn these three bird songs:Wilson’s warbler, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, and Spotted towhee.

4/17-18: Read ‘Fungi’ on pages 282 – 289 and do questions 4,5,6,8,9,10 on page 289 and learn these 3 bird songs:Northern Flicker, Warbling Vireo, Brown Creeper

4/13-16: Read pages 270-280 on ‘Protists’ and ‘Kinds of Protists’, do questions 2,3,4 and 8 on page 281, and learn these three birds by Ear: Stellar’s Jay, American Goldfinch, Winter Wren

4/11-12: Review chapter 10 study guide for short quiz on bacteria and viruses next class.   Also learn these three bird songs: Black-capped Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco, Red-breasted Nuthatch

4/9-10 Chapter 10 review questions 1-12, 14, 16, and 20 on pages 262-263

3/28-30 No Homework!  Enjoy your time with family and friends!   Watch the birds…Keep on being awesome!

3/26-27: Current Event Journals Due next class

3/22-23:Read pages 252 – 259 and answer questions 2, 6, 7, 8 on page 259

You Make Me Sick! – Game that explores the world of bacteria

7 Deadliest Bacteria on Earth

3/20-21: Happy Spring!  Please Read 246 – 251 ‘Bacteria and Archaea’ and answer questions 3,4,8, and 9 on page 251

3/16-19: Review Classification study guide for quiz on 3/20-21  VERNAL EQUINOX: MARCH 19, 10:14 PM PST!

3/14-15: Chapter 9 review questions #6-11, 13, 18 and 20-23 on page 237

3/12-13: – No Homework!   Hip, Hip, Hooray for all of your hard work to complete your project!

3/8-9 Completed science project due next class!

3/7: Continue writing conclusion, acknowledgements and bibliography

3/5-6:Read pages 228-233 and do questions 3-5 and 8 on page 233. Continue working on science project by putting all data together and begin to write your conclusion.

2/28-29: Read Chapter 9 Section 1 ‘Sorting it all Out’ on pages 222-227 and answer questions 2-5, 7-9 on page 227, continue working on science project, bring a camera to class on Thursday if you can to take pictures for your project.

2/23-24:Review study guide and Chapter 7 – Evolution for quiz on 2/28-29, continue to collect data for science project
2/21-22:Current Events Journals due on Thursday and Friday, 2/23, 2/24, continue to collect data for science project
2/15-16: Complete write-up of procedure and materials for your science project. Be ready to turn this in for credit.

HHMI – The Making of the Fittest

Becoming Human
Arthropod Evolution Activity
PBS NOVA videos on Evolution
Evolution Lab
NOVA Becoming Human Series – Highly recommended viewing with your family
Peppered Moth Simulation

2/10-14: Do chapter review questions 1-11 and 21-23 on pages 186-187, Work on procedure for science project
2/8-9 Read ‘Natural Selection in Action’ pages 180-183 and answer questions 2-6 on page 183.   Work on Science Project

2/6-7 Read ‘How Does Evolution Happen?’ pages 174-179 and answer questions 2-6,8 on page 179
2/3: Read pages 174 – 179 and answer questions 3-6 and 8 on page 179
1/20:The only homework between now and the final will be to review for about 20 minutes each night. Don’t leave it to the night before!
1/11-1/12: NWABR final drafts due next class.  Please make them perfect.   Have an adult proofread.
1/9-1/10:  Read Chapter 7 section 1 (pages 166-173) and answer Q’s 4,7,8,9 on page 173
1/5: Chapter 6 review questions 4-12, 20-22
1/3: Read “How DNA Works” on pages 148-154 and do Q’s 3-5, 9-11 on page 155
12-8/12-9: Work on Current Event Journals and Revised Draft of NWABR essay (Due Dec. 15)
12-6/12-7: Read ‘What Does DNA Look Like?’ on pages 144-147 and answer questions 4-7 on page 147
12-2/12-5: Review chapter 4 study guide for quiz on 12-6/-12/7
11-30/12-1:Complete chapter 5 review questions 1-12, 14, 15, 18, and 20-23 on pages 136-137
11-28/29:Read pages 126 -132 and do questions 5-9 on page 133
11/16 and 11/17: Read pages 120-125 Current Event Journals due 11/22 and 11/23

11/14: complete Genetics family characterists handout
11-7/8: Read ‘Mendel and his Peas’ pages 114-119 and answer questions 2-7 on page 119
11/3:Questions 8-14, 19-21 on pages 104 and 105

11/1: No Homework!
10/31:Read pages 98-101 and do questions 2,3,4 and 7 on page 101
10/28:Read pages 98-101 and do questions 2,3,4 and 7 on page 101
10/27:Read pages 90-97, do questions 4,5 on page 93 and questions 2,3,4 on page 97
10/26:Current Events Journals due next class
10/25:Current Events Journals due next class
10/24:Read pages 90-97, do questions 4,5 on page 93 and questions 2,3,4 on page 97
10/20-10/21:Review study guide and chapter 3 for quiz on Monday and Tuesday.
10/17-10/18:Read pages 76-79 and complete chapter review questions 1-14 and 24-26 on pages 82-83
10/14:Cell Models due on Oct 18
10/12-10/13: Cell Models due on Oct 17 and 18
10/10-10/11: Complete Egg Lab report if not completed in class
10/5: Work on Cell Models
10/4:Read pages 68- 74 ‘Eukaryotic Cells’ no questions.
10/3: No HW
9/29: Read pages 68- 74 ‘Eukaryotic Cells’ no questions.
9/28: Current Events Journal due on Friday
9/26-27: Read pages 60-66 ‘The Diversity of Cells’ and answer questions 3-6 and 9-11 on page 67. Current Event Journals are due on Thursday and Friday of this week.
8/31: Read through your policies and procedures handout with a parent or guardian and have them sign it.

9/20: Read pages 42-47 ‘The Necessities of Life’  – and Cell Model Posters are due on Friday.

9/22-23: Review Study Guide for chapter 2 quiz on Mon. and Tues.





*Review invertebrate phyla study guide for quiz on Monday, plus these three bird songs:
Read 366 – 369 ‘Social Relationships’ and learn the songs of these 3 birds:
Read 360 – 365 ‘Animal Behavior’ and answer questions 3,4,5 and 9 on page 365 /  / Work on Endangered Species report
Read 356 – 359 ‘What is an Animal? and answer questions 2,3, and 6 on page 359/ Birds by Ear:  / Work on Endangered Species report




Final Exam Jeopardy

Tree of Life
Encyclopedia of Life (requires registration)

Endangered Species
IUCN Red List

All About Birds – Cornell University Lab of Ornithology

June 15:  Have a fantastic summer!   Watch the birds and be good to your parents!   See you in the future …or the pasture!

6/6:Begin Semester 2 review for Final Exam.
6/2: Chapter 14 quiz will be rolled into final exam, begin reviewing semester 2 material.
5/31: Chapter 14 review questions 5-25 on pages 372 – 373
5/26: No Homework – use this time to complete any missing work.
5/24: Final Current Event Journal due next class
5/20:No Homework unless you need to finish your endangered species report
5/18: Endangered Species Reports due on Friday 5/20
5/16: Due to MSP testing there will be no science homework tonight.
5/10: Due to MSP testing, there will be no science homework tonight.

4/18: Current Events Journals due on Wednesday
3/30: Chapter 9 quiz on Friday
3/24:Read pages 252 – 259 and answer questions 2, 6, 7, 8 on page 259
3/22: Read 246 – 251 Bacteria and Archaea and answer questions 3,4,8, and 9 on page 251
3/18: Complete virus research questions and be prepared to present your findings
3/16: Read 228 – 233 ‘Domains and Kingdoms’ and answer questions 3,4,6 and 7 on page 233
3/14: Read pages 222 – 227 ‘Classification’, answer questions 2 – 9 on page 227
3/7: Complete taxonomy activity
3/3: No Homework
3/1: Review Chapter seven and chapter 8 section 3 and use the study guide to prep for quiz on 3/3
2/25: Complete chapter 7 review questions 1-16, 18, 19 on pages 186, 187
2/23: Read pages 206 – 211 ‘Humans and other Primates’ Current Event Journals will be due Friday Feb. 25.
2/11: Read pages 180 – 183. How does hunting cause some animals to adapt? Why do insects quickly develop resistance to insecticides? How can parts of a population become separated?
Play this evolution game!
2/9: Read Chapter 7 section 2 ‘How does Evolution Happen?’ on pages 174 – 179. What is selective breeding? Who were Charles Lyell and Thomas Malthus?
2/3 Complete Bird Beak lab
2/1 Watch this 5 min history of Charles Darwin. There will be a short quiz next class!, Also read Chapter 7 Section 1 (pages 166 -173) Be ready to answer main ideas questions on a short quiz.

1/19: Review for Final Exam
1/12:Genetic Disease reports due on 1/19 because of snow/rain day last week
1/10:Read pages 148-154 and answer questions #4,5,8,9,10,11 on page 155 Genetic Disease reports and presentations due on Friday 1/14
1/6: Read pages 144 – 147 and answer questions 3,4,5 and 7 on page 147
1/4: Work on Genetic Disease reports
12/9: Current Event Journals due on Monday 12/13
12/7: Use study guide to review for Chapter 5 quiz on Thursday
12/3: Complete meiosis posters for Tuesday’s class and read pages 126-132 and answer questions 5,6,8,9 on page 133
12/1: Read pages 120 -125 and answer q’s 3,6,8, and 9 on page 125
11/29:Complete handout problems 2-6
11/19:Current Event Journals due next Tuesday 11/23
11/17: Chapter 4 quiz on Friday. Use your study guide and mitosis flash cards to review.
11/15: Review chapter 4 for quiz on 11/19, Complete “Find out Who you Are” handout

11/10: Read ‘Mendel and His Peas’ on pages 114 – 119 and answer questions 3 – 6 on page 119 and do a quick review of chapter 4 “The Cell in Action” for quiz on 11/19, Be prepared to ask any questions in class in Monday 11/15

11/8 Complete Chapter Review questions 1 – 22 on pages 104 and 105

11/4 Read ‘The Cell Cycle’ on pages 98 – 101 and answer questions 2,3,4, and 7 on page 101

11/2: Read ‘Cell Energy’ on pages 94 – 97 and answer questions 1-4 on page 97

10/29: No Homework over the weekend.

10/27: Current Event Journals due next class

10/25: Read pages 90 – 93, answer q’s 4,5,7 on page 93, Current Event Journal due date extended until Friday 10/29

10/21: Review chapter 3 on Cells for quiz on 10/25

10/19: Read pages 76 – 79 ‘The Organization of Living Things’, Complete organelle models if needed

10/15: Read pages 68-74 ‘Eukaryotic Cells’

10/13: Cell brochures due on Friday, 10/15

10/11: Read pages 60-66 ‘ The Diversity of Cells’ and answer questions 3, 8, and 9 on page 67

10/6: No homework over the weekend.

10/4: Review Chapter 2 and study guide for quiz on Wednesday, 10/6  Study guide

Complete airplane lab

Hw: convert feet to meters and

Read pages 6-16 and begin airplane lab write-up


Genetics Wheel at World Wildlife Fund for J.D. (requires Flash 5 installed)

Human Karyotyping Activity

Becoming Human
Arthropod Evolution Activity
PBS NOVA videos on Evolution

Wikipedia – Leaves
Lab: Vegetative characteristics
Sci Fri: Pollen Origami
Sci Fri: Secretly Speedy Life of Plants
Sci Fri:Hunting the Wild Lichen
Sci Fri: An Orchid Explosion
Sci Fri: Lighting up Leaves
Teachers Domain: Mold Video
Virtual Museum of Bacteria
Bacterial Infection Game called “You Make Me Sick!”



create a graph using data from p. 184

review how to make a graph

explain airplane lab write up

Microscope label worksheet and discuss use

Hw: airplane lab write up (title, hypothesis, materials, procedures)

Read p. 23-31



when does yesterday come before today?

Explain how a convex lens works.

Explain how a compound microscope works.

Review parts of a microscope

Explain how to make a slide of letter “e”

Microscope lab-part 1

Review airplane lab write up-work in class if time allows

HW: complete airplane lab due next class-all parts


Complete cell model collage


review Chapter 1 for test next class (scopes, sci. method,)

hw: Read p. 18-22, Answer questions 6-13, 21 and 24 on page 30, study for Chapter 1 test on 9/20


Test Onion cells lab afterward

Homework: Review pages 38-44, read 45-47 and answer questions 3-7, 9 and 11 on page 47

9/22: Bring first current event journal article and the journal to class. You will have time in class to complete your first entry.

9/24: Discuss cell model projects-turn in materials sheet Friday

9/28: Cell Model Project Research 1/2 time

Cell Analogies

HW: Current Events Journal due on Thursday

9/30: First part of cell model project due on Monday Chapter 2 Review: Please answer questions 1-12, 15 and 17 on pages 50 and 51 for Monday

10/4: Review Chapter 2 for Test on Wednesday,

What is Genetically Modified Food?

Earth Focus – Genetically Modified Salmon
The Future of Food
Harvest of Fear – NOVA documentary
Bad Seed: Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods
The Cell – BBC Documentary

Build a DNA molecule
Online Genetics Games

Human Karyotyping Activity

Cracking the Code of Life – Nova
Online Onion Root Tips
Mitosis practice quiz
Bugs from the Bug Builders Lab

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  5. Diffusion Lab
    Cora Lyon

    Which molecules will diffuse through an egg membrane?
    Day 1: The egg will gain weight.
    Day 2: The egg will shrink.
    Day 3: The egg will shrink.
    Day 4: The egg will shrink.
    Materials: see project work sheet.
    Procedure: see project work sheet.
    See attached work.
    The processes that was shown here is diffusion. The cell membrane let some atoms in but no all of them. It demonstrates how are cells shrin and grow

  6. Diffusion Lab
    Arden Ashley
    Science 7-1
    Tuesday, October 4, 2011


    Which molecules will diffuse through an egg membrane?
    Raw egg
    250 ML plastic
    100 ML water
    100 ML vinegar
    100 ML corns yrup
    100 ML saltwater
    electric scale
    petri dish
    graduated cylinder

    Procedure: Refer to lab directions for procedure.
    Data and Observations

    Arden Ashley continued…
    Science 7-1





    Sources of Error

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